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The 5K Author’s Club with Book Publicist Michelle Kulp

UPDATE: Missed the live interview? Click to listen.

Tune in at 5 p.m. Eastern on W4CY Radio when I discuss the 5K Author’s Club with Book Publicist Michelle Kulp, founder of the Bestselling Author Program. Michelle and I met a few years ago, when I interviewed one of her satisfied clients on my Writestream Tuesday radio show. We developed an alliance and I referred many of my full-service publishing clients to her — with excellent results.

Can you really make a living as a writer?

That is the BIG question. And during tonight’s broadcast at 5 p.m. Eastern on W4CY Radio, Michelle will answer it. For entrepreneurs and business owners, writing a book expands your brand and influence and gives you credibility as a subject matter expert in the eyes of your clients and potential clients. The result? They are more likely to hire you again or seek out your services for the first time, which offers you a competitive edge in the marketplace. But you can also earn a nice income from book sales too.

What are the secrets to success for indie authors?

Michelle will tell us how to leverage the power of indie publishing to reach more readers and sell more books. She has spent many years studying Amazon and applying her proven system on behalf of clients. She’ll share some real-life success stories and offer tips on how to reach the broadest audience possible…so you can earn 5K or MORE per month in book sales.

A Beneficial Partnership

Due to the time-consuming nature of project management, I’m no longer offering full-service publishing packages. Instead, I have aligned with Michelle to provide freelance editing and ghostwriting services while she handles the all-important aspects of book cover design, interior formatting, book launches, and book publicity. This enables me to do what I do best while maintaining my involvement in indie publishing. Plus, I get to work with someone who is knowledgeable, results-oriented, passionate, and motivated. And I have learned from experience just how important that is!

How does my partnership with Michelle work?

When someone comes to me with a book project, I can still collaborate with them as a ghostwriter or editor via my agreement with Michelle. However, when they sign up for one of her programs, they receive the necessary elements for publishing a professional book – cover design, formatting for Kindle & print book, assistance with the Amazon set-up, etc. – PLUS the benefit of her proven Bestselling Author Program.

Tune in at 5 p.m. Eastern

To learn more about Michelle Kulp and how you can earn 5K or MORE from your book(s), visit and click on the LISTEN LIVE button at 5 p.m. Eastern. Type your questions into the chat and we will answer as many as we can in the allotted 50 minutes. As always, the episode will be archived on my iHeart Radio and Spreaker pages.

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