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Daria Anne

Author, ghostwriter, editor, copywriter, independent publishing consultant and internet radio professional Daria Anne DiGiovanni released the first edition of her novel Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal in 2008 to a receptive audience. Since then, she’s consulted with a variety of clients on ghostwriting, editing, copywriting, and independent publishing projects, utilizing her many years of marketing, recruiting, and communications experience in the corporate world.


Put your best word forward with creative copywriting to enhance the success of your marketing campaign, expand your brand and influence by writing and publishing a book, or be a guest on Daria Anne’s weekly broadcast, Your Book Your Brand Your Business on W4CY Radio and iHeart Radio.



Daria Anne writes persuasive, engaging copy for a variety of clients and industries, including medical and dental practices, real estate, life coaching/mentoring, law firms, financial services and authors. From Facebook ads and lead magnets to blog posts and email sequences, her creative writing skills have contributed to the success of countless campaigns.



Have an excellent concept for a book to help you expand your brand and influence, but little time or inclination to write it? A seasoned, ghostwriter, Daria Anne has the ability to use your voice and words to write and publish you book, which increases your credibility and offers unlimited opportunities for generating multiple streams of income.


Indie Publishing

Confused about the process of getting your book published on Amazon and everywhere books are sold online? Daria Anne offers full-service independent publishing services that include everything you need to produce a professional product – from editing to interior formatting to customized cover design.

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Ready to discuss your project with Daria Anne? Contact her at or (321) 722-7920.

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