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Author Jack July Discusses ‘Amy Lynn: Hatchet’

UPDATE: This episode is now posted on iHeartRadio. Click to listen.

Author Jack July discusses Amy Lynn: Hatchet, the latest book in his thriller series, Amy Lynn. Please join us on Monday, January 27 at 5 p.m. Eastern on W4CY Radio. You can preview and purchase Hatchet on in Kindle and paperback. From the book description:

200 miles from Amy’s country home, 14-year-old Susie Delany falls for a dangerous and seductive man’s promises of fame and fortune. Whisked away to a viper’s nest masquerading as a tropical paradise, Susie hurtles toward a fate worse than death. A senator and a scheming CIA director recruit Amy for an ‘off the books’ mission, leading a rag-tag mercenary team out to end a vile billionaire’s dark fantasy and rescue the teen victims of sex trafficking. Amy’s instincts and her husband warn that this mission could jeopardize everything she loves. In Amy’s absence, tragedy befalls her family, and Amy is confronted by a secret that two generations took to the grave. Now she must question everything she thought she knew about the Braxton clan. A new president authorizes a covert military operation to rescue a big donor’s family from the vicious Nigerian terror group Boko Haram. Amy finds herself in charge of her largest military operation to date. When she pushes beyond the mission’s parameters, she lands on the brink of capture and violent death. Amy grapples with a new-found demon and experiences an epiphany that might just end her career…if she survives. After years of grueling fieldwork, Amy faces her biggest challenge yet: learning to let go.

If you listened to my former shows on Blog Talk Radio, you know Jack has been a frequent guest and guest host over the years. It’s always a pleasure to speak with this exceptional author about his work and what motivates him to produce such high-quality thrillers that celebrate God, the USA, inalienable rights (including self-defense), the triumph of good over evil, love of family, moral clarity, traditional values, and an individual’s ability to overcome through faith, effort, and the support of their loved ones. Jack is one of the best writers I’ve come across and I have no doubt his books will achieve even greater mainstream success in the coming years.

Book Reviews for Amy Lynn: Hatchet

This entire series was non-stop fun and action featuring a young woman who begins the saga as a hard-working little redneck girl and ends up as one of the CIA’s elite operatives / assassins.
Mr. July doesn’t pull any punches on how such a life comes to pass. Some of the most brutal scenes are hard to read … as they should be. But those are always leavened by snapshots of life in the rural south, populated by a diverse cast of well-written characters and scenery.
Of course, since the heroine enlists in the military, goes on to the CIA and marries a multi-billionaire former spy turned industrialist … let’s just say the series may always bring the protagonist home to the south, but much of it takes her all around the world, time and time again.
Just beware that the author writes from a somewhat conservative “God guns and glory” point of view. If you’re a liberal-minded person, some points of this epic series will drive you nuts. (Like when the heroine praises Jesus out loud while killing her enemies with a hatchet … yeah, a bit over the top at times.)
I recommend this series no matter your political views – it’s a whole lotta well written whoop ass. – Verified Purchase

I’ll never understand why the big name “mainstream” action writers don’t go after the most obvious targets, the worst of the worst who desperately need to be take out of commission. Thank goodness for Jack July and his all-American kick-ass heroine, Amy Lynn. Once again, our girl takes out some of the sickest, most depraved criminals on the earth. Amy’s psychotic brand of justice is on the borderline of intensity for what I can handle, but July somehow manages to write about the most extreme things in an elegant (for lack of a better word) yet folksy manner. If you’ve read the other Amy Lynn books, you know by now that she has a mandate to search-and-destroy child sexual predators. I can’t stand to read about anything bad happening to a child, but July writes compelling villains without feeling the need to elaborate on their crimes; no one wants to wallow in that stuff.

When Amy’s not traveling the world and cleaning up monsters, life in Black Oak carries on in all its richness. There are losses and additions to the Braxton clan as well as a shocking revelation. If you’ve grow as fond of these people as I have, you’ll be moved and entertained between the high-action thrills.

Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book for review (then I went ahead and bought my own published copy for my library). I’m incredibly lucky to be on Mr. July’s reviewer list, since a new Amy Lynn novel is something I look forward to ravenously. Hatchet did not disappoint! – Kia Heavey

Excellent storytelling, as usual. With the exception of book one, each book in this series takes the protagonist, Amy, to a different part of the world in her quest to save children as a covert CIA agent. Her adventures in Hatchet are set in Nigeria. I can’t say enough good things about this book and the entire Amy Lynn series.

You will find yourself lost in the story. Read this series, starting with book one. You won’t regret it. – D.M.

I’ve been reading the Amy Lynn series since their conception. I have never once been disappointed.

I have said from the beginning that these books would make a great movie and with Hatchet, (volume 5) there is a lot more than one movie to be made.

Jack July’s characters are phenomimal. And to get the full effect of these characters you have to start with the 1st book of the series. Hatchet reveals some explanations and secrets that I know I was curious about.

I go back and reread the series, and I enjoy them even more. Jack July, You’ve done it again!!

If you love action and adventure, don’t miss these books. And did you know that volume 4 (Amy Lynn, Into The Fire) won BEST OF THE YEAR for Action Adventure? – Pinky

Tune in to W4CY Radio for My Interview with Author Jack July

I’ll be live at 5 p.m. Eastern with author Jack July on Monday, January 27 on W4CY Radio. To stream, visit and click on the LISTEN LIVE button. Can’t tune in at that time? Don’t worry, this interview will be archived on my iHeart Radio page within a few days.

About Author Jack July

Jack July is home based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina. After graduating High School he enlisted in the in the US Navy where he was an aviation electronics technician on the F-14 Tomcat. Upon his discharge he earned Millwright Journeyman status while working construction in the steel mills in Gary Indiana. Looking for work in the trades he found a home for almost twenty years at Harley Davidson Motor Company in Milwaukee Wisconsin. He resigned to allow his wife to expand her professional career and became a stay at home Dad. While at Harley Davidson he earned his Bachelors degree. The professors at Cardinal Stritch University noticed his unique writing style and made positive, motivating comments.

Out of boredom, he decided to write his first novel, Amy Lynn. Amy Lynn sold over 10,000 copies and continues to enjoy brisk sales with an audiobook release planned for May 2018. His second novel, Amy Lynn, Golden Angel, won a bronze medal for book of the year from the Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance. His fourth book, Amy Lynn, Into the Fire, won a Grace Turning the Pages Sommer’s, book of the year 2018 for action and adventure. Book five, Amy Lynn, Hatchet was released in March of 2018.

Over his lifetime he has undertaken eclectic hobbies. Jack built and raced his own late model stock car until it interfered with his family life. He took flying lessons, found that to be boring then learned to skydive and became an instructor.

After a recent divorce, Jack is homeless, but not destitute. He can be found living in the cab of a semi truck while he hauls hazardous materials across the states east of the rockies. If you find his truck, and see the light on in the sleeper, know he’s on his laptop working on Amy Lynn #6.

Looking forward to a fun, lively interview with a great guy and talented author!

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