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Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Intuitive Spiritual Healing Practitioner Debra Graugnard

Bestselling author, speaker, and intuitive healing practitioner Debra Graugnard joins me on Your Book Your Brand Your Business on September 30. The founder of Joyfully Living Wellness, Debra holds a Master of Divinity in Spiritual Healing and Counseling. She specifically created her company to guide people, especially women, to honor their relationship with food and their bodies, to heal past pain and trauma, to deepen their spiritual connections, and to live in harmony with the planet.

Debra is also the creator of the Community for Conscious Living and host of the Self-Care for the Soul podcast. She is especially passionate about helping people to realize how our daily habits and beliefs impact and influence all that exists in this beautiful planet so we can each make choices that create a sustainable environment and a peaceful world. Debra facilitates transformative programs and retreats online and in-person. Learn more about Debra at

Preview and purchase her workbook, Bridging the GAPS: A Journey to the Center of Your Self.

During the interview on Monday, September 30 at 5 p.m. Eastern, Debra will tell us what prompted her to write her book, why she wrote it for women, and what it really means to live joyfully. You can live stream it at, where you can also post your questions in the chat room. As always, the episode will be archived on iHeart Radio and other podcast catchers.

Please join us for an inspiring and insightful show!

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