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Book Launch Expert Michelle Kulp Joins Your Book Your Brand Your Business

On Monday, April 29 at 5 p.m. Eastern returning guest, book launch expert Michelle Kulp joins Your Book Your Brand Your Business. Are you an entrepreneur who understands that writing a book can help you expand your brand and influence? Do you have questions on the indie publishing process and how to market your book for success? Don’t miss this informative episode.

Become the “AUTHOR-ITY”

A successful author in her own right, Michelle teaches entrepreneurs how to elevate their expertise, attract their ideal clients, and create new opportunities with a #1 Bestselling Book, so they can become the “AUTHOR-ITY” in their field. As she notes, “If people are telling you you’re the best kept secret in your industry, that is NOT a good thing. Getting the word out about who you are and who you help with a bestselling book is key to your success because it adds a huge layer of CREDIBILITY.”

Since our last interview in early 2018, Michelle has achieved even more success on behalf of her clients. Some of her clients’ books have reached the Wall St. Journal and USA Today Bestseller Lists. Other clients have attained print publishing deals with Morgan James Publishing, for whom Michelle is now an official talent scout.

Yes, You Can Become A Bestselling Author

During the live interview, Michelle and I will discuss the many reasons why writing a book is good business. We’ll delve into the process of independent publishing, explain why your book is a professional product, and share information about the vital components of a proper book launch and marketing strategy for an indie author/entrepreneur’s long-term success. We’ll also answer your questions from the live chat.

To stream, visit and click LISTEN LIVE. As always, the episode will be archived on my iHeart Radio page.

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