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Entrepreneur, Recording Artist and Bestselling Author Papa Joe Aviance

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I’m thrilled to welcome entrepreneur, recording artist, and bestselling author Papa Joe Avaiance to Your Book Your Brand Your Business on W4CY Radio. Papa Joe joins me on Monday, December 23 at 5 p.m. Eastern to discuss his inspiring life story, which he chronicles in his bestseller, Balancing the Scales: How to Transform and Balance Your Mind, Body, and Business.

Balancing the Scales: How to Transform and Balance Your Mind, Body, and Business

This book is designed to help you on your journey through life. In it, you will find my story coupled with the lessons I’ve learned that have brought me to where I am today. I’ve been fortunate to have so many incredible experiences in my life, including the opportunity to tell my story of dramatic weight loss and life changes to a nationwide audience, with appearances on The Doctors talk show, and The Rachael Ray Show. My whole purpose with this book is to give you the tools you need to bring your life into balance. Without balance, you may succeed in one aspect of life but find yourself unable to truly enjoy it. When you take the balanced approach to life, as I’ve outlined in this book for you, you will find that you can experience happiness at all stages of your journey, even while working hard to achieve your goals and dreams! Papa Joe Aviance is a businessman, entrepreneur, producer and life coach. “PJ” was born and raised in Michigan. After finishing school, he moved to New York and worked on Wall Street in finance. In 2001, he landed in Los Angeles with two suitcases and a dream of becoming an actor. While working at a video store, PJ was discovered by a music producer and was asked to do a rap feature on the track “Last Night a DJ Saved my Life” with Lula on Kult Records. The song became a top ten Billboard Dance hit, reaching #6. From there, Papa Joe had a few acting successes (Dave Chappelle show, Jamie Kennedy Experience and Disney commercials), but ultimately was left again to find success on his own. In 2010, ​Papa Joe started his own production company Papa Joe Networks, clothing brand– ​​JOE JOE LLC, and comic book brand/character​–​The Electric Negro. ​In addition to his success as an entrepreneur, ​Papa Joe has an incredible personal achievement; ​losing 275 lbs naturally. His amazing transformation ​gained him notoriety as a self​-​help individual, and he ​has been featured on shows such as The Doctors, Rachael Ray, and Good Day NY. He has been the Brand Ambassador for The 99 Cent Only Store, as well as The American Heart Association. ​PJ​ has successfully completed two nationwide health and wellness tours, and has been featured in the cookbook “Dadgum That’s Good! And Healthy!” by John McLemore. He is also a recurring host for KNEKT TV. A true-self made man, Papa Joe ​has ​pulled himself up by the bootstraps and created​ his own empire. ​By​ believing in himself​,​ and not ever giving up, Papa Joe has made the impossible possible!

Discover How to Make the Impossible Possible

During the holiday season, most of us tend to reflect on our accomplishments, disappointments, and events of the past year as we look forward to a new one. It’s the perfect time to tune in to Your Book Your Brand Your Business to get advice from someone who walks his talk. Listen to my interview with Papa Joe Aviance on W4CY Radio Monday, December 23 at 5 p.m. Eastern. You can live stream at, where you can also participate in the live chat. I’ll do my best to pose your questions for Papa Joe in the 50 minutes allotted. In the meantime, visit to discover more about this inspiring man and role-model.

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