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Exciting Partnership with Book Publicist Michelle Kulp!

I am thrilled to announce my exciting partnership with book publicist Michelle Kulp! I’ve known Michelle for several years, thanks to an introduction made by one of her clients, Julienne Burleson. I interviewed Julienne about her book, Surviving Camp Inca on my previous radio show.

Michelle and I made the announcement during this past Monday’s episode of Your Book Your Brand Your Business, which you can listen to below.

A Partnership of Prosperity

Over the years, I’ve referred multiple clients to Michelle for her Bestselling Author Program, with exceptional results. My work as an indie publishing consultant encompasses the “product” side of things: ghostwriting (if needed), editing, formatting, cover design, assistance with setting up Amazon and social media accounts, ISBNs, radio interviews on Your Book Your Brand Your Business, and some social media marketing.

Your book is your product. If you’re motivated to reach as many readers as possible and leverage the power of a book to expand your brand and influence, you must produce a professional book that stands out among millions of others in the vast online marketplace.

Book Publicist vs. Book Publisher

However, I am not a book publicist — which is an entirely different and equally important piece of the puzzle. Thanks to her own experiences with traditional publishing, followed by bestselling success as an indie author, Michelle created her Bestselling Author Program. She not only helps her clients achieve unprecedented success as bestselling authors whose books lead them to greater opportunities as speakers, coaches, and other stated business goals, she also provides all the services they need to create a polished, professional book they can be proud to share with the world.

Energetic Alignment Leads to Success

Due to a serious and unforeseen health-related event last fall, which occurred right after some other major life changes — including my decision to break with a former business partner and go off on my own — I had plenty of time to reevaluate and look for the lessons I needed to learn. Among other things, the experience taught me how vital it is to be aligned in business (and life) with people who share the same passion and motivation for your clients and your work. Michelle is one of those people. She and I both love books, authors, and the process of sharing valuable, uplifting information with the world. And we love the fact that we learn from every single client with whom we align.

The Best of Both Worlds

Because I also write copy for two different marketing companies – something I enjoy as much as writing and editing books – I decided to partner with Michelle as a ghostwriter and editor. That means I still get to do what I love in terms of helping authors hone their message, while releasing other aspects of the process that demand so much of my time. Michelle’s packages include assistance with formatting for paperback and Kindle/eBook, creative and professional cover design, keyword book descriptions, setup of Amazon pages, ISBN and everything an author needs to produce a quality book.

For my clients with whom I am already working, I’m still your partner until your book is published…and beyond. I will continue to promote all of you via my social media platforms and my radio show. Thank you for choosing to work with me! If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation, please contact me. For more information about Michelle Kulp, visit

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