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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about the process? Here are answers to those most frequently asked of Daria Anne.

Does everything remain confidential?

Absolutely! Whether ghostwriting or editing your book, or writing compelling copy, Daria Anne maintains strict confidentiality. You can also choose if her name will appear on your book cover or not. It’s totally up to you. No matter what, you can count on her to help you put your best word forward!

What are the file requirements for my book?

Manuscripts must be submitted in a Word doc; otherwise it will incur a transcription fee, to be discussed.

Can I just use a cover template for my book to save money?

Of course you can! But please understand that readers judge books by their covers. If you want your book to attract as many readers as possible and stand out among the millions of others in its genre, a professional, customized cover is a must — along with creative, complementary interior formatting. Daria Anne works with exceptional designers who are also successful authors and understand what it takes to design covers that command attention. They collaborate with you to produce a professional product — inside and out.