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Maximize: 10 Approaches for Getting the Most from Your Life

Congratulations to my client Henry J. Lucas, LCSW, LCADC on the publication of Maximize: 10 Approaches for Getting the Most from Your Life. It is now available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

Are you maximizing every opportunity to live your life to the fullest? That’s the question author Henry J. Lucas wants you to consider in his book, Maximize: 10 Approaches for Getting The Most from Your Life. In a culture that revolves around getting the most bang for your buck, Lucas, an American millennial, licensed clinical social worker, and licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor, admits he is naturally self-absorbed. However, thanks to his own life’s challenges and obstacles, he has learned valuable lessons and discovered the secret for a life well-lived between birth and death. As the first in his family to overcome the scourge of drug and alcohol addition and inspired by his work with clients, Lucas developed 10 specific approaches to help others reach their full potential — regardless of the reasons why they feel stuck. Whether you’re addicted to a negative attitude, living in the past, or making excuses, the author wants you to break free. Each chapter in Maximize ends with Shifts and Movements, questions and tasks designed to help you activate each approach…and ultimately transform your life. With irreverent humor and unvarnished honesty, Maximize: 10 Approaches for Getting The Most from Your Life offers you a guide for sustainable wellbeing, inspiration, and change. It’s not just a book you read: it’s a book you live.

Thank you Tiffany DeGrandis of Socially Magnetic Clips for the excellent book trailer. If you live in the Louisville Kentucky area, Henry is hosting a book signing at Valaterra Retreat in La Grange on August 5 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. For more information, contact Elise Lucas at

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