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Navigating KDP Print Publishing

When I first started helping clients with the indie publishing process, I had to set up a Create Space account for their paperback book and a separate KDP account for the Kindle version. Amazon has since streamlined the process by phasing out Create Space and allowing authors to upload their .mobi and PDF files to the same place: KDP. Here, you can set up your account (or add your latest book to your existing account), publish in paperback and Kindle, and order wholesale copies of your print book for book signings and other events where you would like to sell copies in person.

Like most technical processes, however, the transition from Create Space to all-in-one KDP has not been without its glitches (although it is improving). Roger Packer has provided an excellent guide for indie authors who are struggling to publish and order their print books at the wholesale cost on KDP. I’m excerpting part of it here and encourage you to visit to read the full article.

Author copies are copies of your live paperback that can be purchased at printing cost. They don’t include unpublished changes you’ve made on KDP.

Author copies are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch. Japanese will be added later.

KDP doesn’t currently support paperback distribution to,, or Australian users can place orders from or Portuguese language users can place orders from Dutch language users can place orders from

The process for ordering Author Copies is:

  1. Go to your Bookshelf and select the paperback you would like to order.
  2. Click on the Order Author Copies link in the ellipsis (“…”) menu.
  3. Enter the order quantity and select the Amazon marketplace closest to your shipping destination from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout. You’ll be redirected to the Amazon Shopping Cart/Basket of your chosen marketplace to complete your order.

You can order as many author copies as you want with a maximum of 999 units per order. If you want to order more than 999 at a time, you can place multiple separate orders. You will pay shipping charges for each order.

Author copies are eligible for all paid standard and expedited shipping options available to Amazon customers excluding Prime. Manufacturing and delivery estimates are based on the quantity ordered and selected delivery speed. The most up-to-date delivery estimate will display during checkout.

When you order proofs through your KDP Account, you will pay the author price for your own books which is the printing cost for your selected marketplace multiplied by the number of copies. The trim size, interior type, page count determines this price and does not include shipping charges or taxes.

On, any applicable sales tax will be applied at checkout. For European orders, local VAT will be applied at checkout. Amazon says this price is the lowest it can offer and is unable to offer additional discounts.

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