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New Book Trailer for Water Signs from Socially Magnetic Clips

Thank you Tiffany DeGrandis for this new book trailer for Water Signs from Socially Magnetic Clips.

If you’re an indie author, I invite you to contact Tiffany and me to discover how we can create innovate 15-second (ish) book trailers to pique your readers’ interest and inspire them to preview and purchase your book on Amazon. It’s never too late, either. I released the first edition of Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal back in 2008, when I didn’t know a thing about book marketing. In 2016, after many years in business as a writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, indie publishing consultant, and radio host I made a few updates and published a second edition.

More than anything, my novel expanded my career and business. It led to the first of many ghostwriting clients and helped me develop full-service publishing packages tailored to the needs of every individual I consult with. Since February 2018, I’ve hosted Your Book Your Brand Your Business on W4CY Radio to share valuable information on the writing and publishing process and interview successful entrepreneurs who have leveraged the power of writing a book to achieve even greater success.

My point? It is never too late to try a new marketing approach – no matter where you are in the publishing process. Advancements in technology have created endless opportunities and leveled the playing field for indie authors and their readers. However, because publishing is accessible to all, you must find ways to distinguish your book(s) from others in your genre.


First, begin by producing a professional product; then, market your book in innovative ways. With video being so prominent now in digital marketing, a book trailer that captures the essence and message of your book can help you reach more readers.

Listen to my interview with Tiffany below to discover the power and reach of video marketing for indie authors and small businesses.

Ready to discuss your project? Contact me. To view all video by Socially Magnetic Clips, visit our YouTube channel.

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