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Socially Magnetic Clips: Engaging Video to Expand Your Brand

I’m proud to the vice-president of Socially Magnetic Clips, founded by my cousin Tiffany DeGrandis.

Socially Magnetic Clips helps you expand your brand and influence by harnessing the power of professional video clips, customized to your unique business and customer base. Stay well-positioned in the social media marketplace with creative, 15-second clips that attract attention and capture the essence of your product or service. We can adapt video clips for all occasions, holidays, specials, offers, and promotions. An excellent advertising tool, video clips reach your target audience throughout the year and keep you foremost in your customer’s mind…while you focus on doing what you do best.

My work with Socially Magnetic Clips adds another element of digital marketing support for my authors and business owners/entrepreneurs who hire me to write copy for their marketing campaigns. It’s a natural fit that enables me to expand my services, which is why I now include one video clip in all of my publishing packages.

Please visit Socially Magnetic for more information. You can also view our videos on our Socially Magnetic Clips YouTube channel. If you like what you see, contact me at or (321) 322-7920 to set up a ZOOM call with Tiffany and me.

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