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“If you are new to the publishing world and are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information, let Daria be your guide. She has an incredibly clear and easy way to cut through the clutter and confusion about the submission process. Be it your manuscript or query, you will have a newfound confidence that your work is as succinct as it can be in the market.

As you navigate your way through the various publishing protocols, Daria is always happy to answer any question that may come up. Invaluable! She’s one of the most easy going persons in working on a project that is dear to your heart. I know that I choose the best publisher for my first book.  After using her services, you will have a strong belief your finished product that it is as excellent as it can be.”

Rachanee Smoak – AKA, Raven Blackstone, author, Exposing the Love: A Lost Soul’s Restorative Journey Through Love, Marriage and PTSD

Daria Anne DiGiovanni is a whiz at what she does and I highly recommend her. My book could not have been brought to fruition with out her expertise and creativity. She guided me through the process with such compassion and understanding, and directed me in a multitude of ways. Her services, ideas and contacts have assisted me in expanding my brand via social media. Daria has a myriad of talents and I have been blessed by her services. Thank you so very much! ~ Frances Castelli, author, The Kitchen Alchemist: How I became My Own Food Scientist So My Kids Could thrive With Anaphylactic Food Allergies

Working with Daria has been an absolute blessing for many reasons. After an extensive search for the right person to assist me in completion of my first book, and lifelong dream, I selected her. Thankfully, I made the correct choice, as Daria’s commitment, passion and execution have been exemplary. She has helped me to bring life to my story, enhancing it along the way, enabling my desire to bring a fresh, funny and unique perspective to my audience. She has been a joy to work with, making the process a lot of fun along the way, which helped to make the book even better than I thought it could be. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needed a person that was high caliber, high quality and experienced within the industry. 

~ Erik Dardas, author, Home Grown Legacy: Life, Ladders and Learnings in the World of Home Improvement

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daria Anne DiGiovanni  as the publisher on my  forthcoming book.  I am impressed at her attention to detail as well as her amazingly positive attitude that is reflected as she works closely with me. She is truly a creative professional and I am benefiting from her vast experience. Her help and motivation are unending. I am so blessed by our connection. Daria is an amazing friend and publisher, as well as an exceptional radio show host – Your Book Your Brand Your Business, where I’ve had the opportunity to present my forthcoming book. Thank You Daria for making this experience so enjoyable as you empower  me to write my story!

~ DC Love

Daria’s work ethic, dedication and perseverance were the characteristics that made our partnership a pleasant experience. Her professionalism was refreshing and her creative edge was helpful.  I thank her for guiding me along the way as we wrote my tale.  ~ Lori Dunham