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Thank you to The Magical DC Love

Thank you to the Magical DC Love, with whom I am collaborating on her forthcoming book entitled, I am DC Love. It tells the story of her journey from law enforcement and security to psychic medium and Reiki Master who communicates with angels, spirit guides, animal angels, Jesus, Mother Mary…and even many celebrities including her sidekick, Joan Rivers!

DC joined me on Your Book Your Brand Your Business recently to discuss her spiritual healing work. If you missed the live episode, you can listen to it on iHeart Radio. I am grateful to her for the following testimonial:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daria Anne DiGiovanni  as the publisher on my  forthcoming book.  I am impressed at her attention to detail as well as her amazingly positive attitude that is reflected as she works closely with me. She is truly a creative professional and I am benefiting from her vast experience. Her help and motivation are unending. I am so blessed by our connection. Daria is an amazing friend and publisher, as well as an exceptional radio show host- Write Stream, where I’ve had the opportunity to present my forthcoming book. Thank You Daria for making this experience so enjoyable as you empower me to write my story! ~ DC Love

Discover more about DC at her website:

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