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The Disappearing Merchant

Congratulations to my client Mike Hogenmiller on the release of his new book, The Disappearing Merchant, now available in Kindle and paperback on

Book Description

Modern technology has revolutionized the retail space, but at what cost to the relationship between suppliers and buyers?” Mike Hogenmiller, a 40+ year veteran of the retail business with 25 years of experience in merchandising, takes an inside look at how buyers are managing their suppliers and the negative behaviors that could be driving up costs. With “The 10 Sins of a Buyer”, Hogenmiller gets into the detail of the problematic issues created by buyers which impact how suppliers manage their side of the transaction. The negative results could be adding significant cost to what we already pay as consumers in the market. This is a must read for both buyers of products and services along with their suppliers in order to understand the opportunities that could create new value, reduced cost, and ultimately a better managed relationship that will benefit all involved. This is the first of several new insights Hogenmiller plans to bring to the forefront of this industry as a result of his 25 years of managing complex buyer/seller relationships and the changes that have occurred with new technology. Stay tuned for the next title, “The Tug of War over Leverage, Why Suppliers Lose”….out soon.

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