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‘The Power of Telling Your Story’ on the Self-Care for the Soul podcast with Debra Graugnard

Recently, I shared ‘The Power of Telling Your Story on the Self-Care for the Soul podcast with Debra Graugnard. This lovely lady had been my guest on Your Book Your Brand Your Business back in October. If you missed our conversation about Debra and her book, ‘Bridging the GAPS,’ click here to listen.

I am grateful to Debra for this wonderful opportunity to connect with a new audience and to inspire them to share their own unique stories of healing and personal growth. It was a joy to spend quality time with my host and her audience and describe the backstory behind my 2008 novel Water Signs, which led to an expansion of my business by attracting my first ghostwriting client.

Please visit Debra’s website,, to discover her books, programs, inspiring blog posts, and so much more.

At this time, I am no longer taking ghostwriting clients, but if you’re interested in learning more about my copywriting and content writing services, please contact me here.

Thank you again for being such a gracious host, Debra!

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