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The Thirty Year Secret: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Many thanks to Tiffany DeGrandis, founder of Socially Magnetic Clips for the perfect book trailer for my client’s soon-to-be released story. Like many authors (including me), she chose to fictionalize real-life and heal her past in the process of writing and independently publishing.

From the prologue:

As the old saying goes, “Writing is therapy.” I wrote this book for a multitude of reasons. First, the process of transforming my incredible true story into a fictional tale was therapeutic on a personal level. It helped me to put my actual life events and circumstances into perspective. Within these pages, through the characters of Theresa Chianti and Lucy Napoli, I tried to express the depth of my gratitude to my mother for giving me the greatest gift I could have ever received after an unplanned conception: a home filled with love, even if lacking in material comforts. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, where my mother, brother, and I lived in a studio apartment with a kitchen and bathroom. None of us had the luxury of a private bedroom; instead, we slept on convertible couches, chairs, or cots depending on whoever happened to be visiting. Thanks to our apartment building’s unaddressed infestation, we could always count on the companionship of roaches. And while I remember our father as a loving man who always treated me like a princess, his financial irresponsibility meant that my mother worked two grueling waitressing jobs to keep food on the table and send us to Catholic school. Between the ages of eight and ten, my brother and I were often separated for extended periods. During the summers we’d live with relatives since my mother had to work. Even though he loved us, my father struggled with his own demons, which prevented him from stepping up. Still, I never lacked for love. Now imagine reaching the age of 30 and receiving news that shatters every illusion you held about your life. That’s exactly what happened to me one day when my oldest sister called to request my presence at her house immediately. I assumed there had been another death in the family since we’d had more than our share of them at the time. When I arrived, I was struck by how pale she looked and knew that whatever she was about to spill was not good. However, I was completely unprepared for what happened next. As it turned out, no one had passed away. But her words struck a fatal blow to my beliefs about my birth, childhood, and upbringing. A single tear trickled from my eye. How could I not know? How was it possible I hadn’t figured it out on my own when the signs had all been there? So many questions. Theresa’s journey is my journey. Certain circumstances, places and people have been adapted for fiction but what you are about to read is based on my own life. Whatever you are dealing with, I hope you’ll find inspiration in the strength of maternal love which I know from my own experience transcends biology, legally binding contracts, and financial hardship. With gratitude and love, I dedicate this book to my mother, a woman who lived for her children. She may not have been perfect but her love for us never failed to reflect the love of God and her devotion to the Catholic faith.

I look forward to helping Samantha St. John share her story with the world. Stay tuned for updates and be sure to subscribe to Socially Magnetic Clips on YouTube for the latest video clips.

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